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uic.terminology - A mailing list for railway terminology

Subject: A mailing list for railway terminology

Description: Welcome to the UIC.Terminology mailing list.
It is owned and moderated by UIC - the International Union of Railways.

UIC maintains the RailLexic online dictionary in 23 languages.
However, you might have questions about a missing term, its meaning or its translation. You may also like to know in which documents you can find out more information on a particular subject.

This list is therefore designed for an international community of railway professionals who are interested in exchanging knowledge and improving terminology. Queries are allowed for terms in all languages, but please communicate in English in your non-private messages.

Here you go:
1. Check what RailLexic online has to offer
2. Send your topic in English to:
3. Receive valuable information from other members
4. Share your conclusions with the group
Your contribution might directly feed RailLexic and further help thousands of fellow train lovers.

The more participants, the more chances to get a helpful reply.
Feel free to talk about this mailing list in your company and to the railway experts around you.

Thanks for your support and interest.

Faithfully yours,
The UIC terminology team
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